8 ball

8 Ball

You win when… You legally make the eight ball

What makes it different from straight pool?- the game is divided into two categories, solids and stripes, and each player must eliminate an entire set before attempting to finish the game.


Eight ball is a two player game, where the ultimate objective is just as the name implies, to sink the eight ball. However before you can do this you must first sink a series of seven other balls. Players alternate shooting and trying to pocket any ball of their choice at first, until one is made. If that first ball is a low ball (one-seven) you are aiming at solids the remainder of the game. If that ball is high (nine-fifteen) you are aiming for stripes the remainder of the game. After all of your assigned balls are pocketed you may now legally shoot for the eight ball, and as with the other balls before it you must call the pocket you choose to shoot for. Game play continues going back and forth unless a player makes a shot, in which case they may shoot again, until they fail to take one of their balls off the table. A player wins when they sink all seven of their assigned balls and then and only then sinks the eight ball. If the eight ball is sunk at any time by either player before they have eliminated all their assigned balls or either player scratches when shooting legally at the eight ball they automatically lose regardless of what progress their opponent has made in the games.