What most people donít know is that there are many different hair types out there. There are many different spectrum of hair types. The types range from 1-4, and can be an a, b, or c. For example, my hair type is 4b, which is one of the coarsest textures there are. Most women with type 4 hair usually alter their hair by applying a chemical relaxer to their hair. For a better understanding of different hair types here are some examples to guide you. The image was provided by:LHCF hair type chart Although there are numerous different hair types out there, what many people donít know is the reason behind why certain races have courser hair types than others. African-Americans ancestors were born in Africa. Africaís sweltering heat is unbearable to most races. Africans were born with a higher amount of pigment in their skin in order to survive against the high temperatures. Another defense that Africans were born with is their coarse hair texture which protects them from the harmful UV rays. African hair, also known as type 4 grows up and out, in order to protect the head from the sun. Many people do not know that there is a reason behind a coarse hair texture besides only styling purposes. Applying a relaxer has now become the solution for altering coarse hair and chemically breaking down the hair to make it straight. The only downside to this phenomenon is that Chemical relaxers are highly dangerous and extremely damaging to the hair. The question that remains unanswered is why is there a product on the market that is so damaging it is not FDA approved? This strong chemical if left on a personís head for too long can cause severe burns. Although, there are some serious risks that are took in order to change the component of black hair, relaxers are continued to be bought and highly profitable. The average woman with type 4 hair would need to get a relaxer every 6-8 weeks. With relaxers that cost 7 dollars each that is about $42 dollars a year per-person. These companies are making a huge profit from distributing these chemicals.