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How to Survive 	at UF

This is a picture of UF 	students at a charity event.

Secrets of the Swamp

Here are secrets obtained from Uf students themselves, myself included.

UF services

Student Health Care Center

Included in your tuition is a fee that covers professional office visits to the student health care center as well as for the medical and nursing staff there. You can make an appointment or walk-in.

Student Health Care Center

Right now the student health care center is also offering the H1N1 vaccine to faculty, staff and students who register at the webpage.

Free Printing

I had no idea UF offered free printing until my online class instructor mentioned it like it was an afterthought one day. There's a computer lab in the Reitz Union that allows free printing up to 200 pages to each student per semester.

Hours of Operation: M-H: 9:30am to 11pm; sat: 9:30am to 6pm.

It is located on the third floor of the reitz union.

My tip: Make sure to allow a lot of time if you're going to use the lab because it's first come first serve. Every time I go there I have to wait in line to use a computer. You can also only print 10 pages at a time so that is ULTRA annoying.

Student Legal Services

You can get a lawyer for FREE!

If you're a full time student there are four licensed lawyers waiting to assist you in the Reitz Union on the third floor, room 368. There are some exclusions to the free offer that can be found on the Student Legal Services.

Hours of Operation: MHF: 9am to 5pm

"The infirmary is usually pretty quick. Appointments are always a good idea but if you have time you can sit and wait for an open slot - usually. Also the counselors at Peabody are ok, but if you think you have serious issues you might be better off getting a recommendation." -Kristen H., former Uf student
"Never, EVER, ever plan your living arrangements or class schedules around a significant other...besides, it gives you more to talk about if you don't have the same dorm or classes." -Kristen H., former UF student