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How to Survive 	at UF

This is a picture of UF 	students at a charity event.

Gator Football

Over the past four years it seems like Gator football has been larger than life, giving UF an even bigger name than it already had. This page will give you information on how Gator football works and it also offers a special page to help understand the sport of football.

The UF Gators have claimed the national championship three times: 1996, 2006 and 2008. In the current season, they are undefeated with only two more games to go.The home of the UF Gators is "The Swamp" or Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. The stadium sits in the center of Gainesville, placing Gator football and the university on a pedestal. It ranks as the largest and toughest stadium in Florida, able to seat over 88,000 people, but has been known to hold about 90,000 people during top attendance games.

Before I started school at UF, I could have cared less about football, but just after one semester here, football has become engrained into me. For the purpose of this page, I have coached myself in the art of football.

Football Topics

*The stadium information came from this site

A picture of the front of the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.
A zoomed out picture of the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium
A picture of the stadium.