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How to Survive 	at UF

This is a picture of UF 	students at a charity event.

Gator Entertainment

A picture of a student juggling in the Plazas of the Americas.

Being a student in Gainesville opens up many doors to student discounts. Unfortunately, it's hard to know what places give student discounts.

Movie Theaters

There are four movie theaters in Gainesville: Regal Royal Park (off of University Ave), Regal (off of Archer Road), Trademark Cinemas (next to the Oaks Mall) and the Reitz Union movie theater.

All four of these theaters offer discounts:

Regal Royal Park: $8.50

Regal : $8.50

Trademark Cinemas: $7.00

Reitz Union : FREE;


There are also different theaters for plays around town that give discounts:

The Hippodrome

Gainesville Community Playhouse : $10.00

The Constans Theatre: $13.00

The Center for Performing Arts: $10.00

The Reitz Union

The Reitz Union has many functions including hotel, entertainment center, parking garage, ballroom...etc.

I wasn't aware of the many benefits of utilizing the Reitz Union, so I have created a whole page that includes the different entertainment activities under the Reitz Union.