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How to Survive 	at UF

This is a picture of UF 	students at a charity event.

The University of Florida

The University of Florida is located in Gainesville, Fla. UF is home to many successful professionals like author Michael Connelly, tv host Rich Fields and actress Rachel Specter. While producing many more great professionals than what I listed, UF has gained prestige over the years, making entrance into the university more and more difficult.

Although UF has proven itself to be a well known and respected college, it can be difficult as a college student entering into Uf to figure his or her way. As a new UF student myself, I have experienced these issues and wanted to make it easier for students to navigate UF life, academics, sports and entertainment. There are important aspects of UF life that the college doesn't tell its students in the brochures or orientation, that are discussed in this website.

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