Beijing cuisine

Beijing is an ancient city with thousands of years. It has accumulated many unique traditions what we may call "culture" and Beijing cuisine is among the top of it. Its definition keeps evolving within the history. One of the many characteristics of Beijing cuisine is that it has been influenced by culinary traditions from all over China. There are two major sources of Beijing cuisine: Shandong, Chinese imperial cuisine and other Chinese cuisines altogether. But the special geographic and political environment encourages it to form its own tradition. Some of the dishes now become delicacies all over the world.

Beijing Roast Duck (also called Peking Duck): Ití»s history could be traced back to 1200 and it is prized for the thin, crispy skin and tasty meat.

Instant-boiled Mutton (also known as Mongolian Hot-pot): Ití»s the most favorite food of local residents in Beijing as it's easy to prepare and highly nutritious. All you have to prepare is a pot of boiling water, sliced frozen mutton and whatever vegetables you prefer. Dip the sliced frozen mutton into the pot and it would be ready to serve in seconds. And of course, don't forget to dip sauces.