Eight cuisines of China

Chinese cuisine has a number of different genres, but the most influential and typical known by the public are the 'Eight Cuisines'. These are as follows: Shandong Cuisine, Sichuan Cuisine, Guangdong Cuisine, Fujian Cuisine, Jiangsu Cuisine, Zhejiang Cuisine, Hunan Cuisine, and Anhui Cuisine. These regional variations derive from a number of reasons: history, geography, climate, resources and life styles.
Shandong Cuisine is known for its excellent seafood dishes and delicious soup. Famous dishes: Stir Fried Prawns, Fried Sea Cucumbers with Onions, Taishan Fish with Red Scales, etc.
Guangdong Cuisine makes extensive use of spices, yet with restraint. Famous dishes: Chrysanthemum fish, Roast Suckling Pig ,etc.
Sichuan Cuisine is famous for its spicy and pungent flavor and extensively use of chili, pepper and prickly ash Famous dishes: Stir-fried Tofu with Minced Beef in Spicy Bean Sauce, Lung Pieces by Couple, etc.
Hunan Cuisine is known for the dry hot flavor. Famous dishes: Fried Fresh Cabbage with Chestnuts, Immortal Chicken with Five Elements, Stewed fins, etc.
Jiangsu Cuisine has a salty and sweetened flavor. Famous dishes: Three Sets of Ducks, Lion's Head Braised with Crab-Powder, etc.
Zhejiang Cuisine is famous for unique, fresh and tender tastes Famous dishes: West-Lake Braised Fish in Vinegar, Shelled Shrimps Cooked in Longjing Tea, etc.
Fujian Cuisine is distinguished for its choice seafood, beautiful color and mixed flavor. Famous dishes: Fried Golden Bamboo Shoot with Chicken Mince, Oyster Omelets, etc.
Anhui Cuisine has tender flesh and a sweet taste Famous dishes: Fuliji Grilled Chicken, Stewed Fish Belly in Brown Sauce, Bamboo Shoots Cooked with Sausage and Dried Mushroom.
You may have noticed that Beijing cuisine is not among the listed cuisines because of its relatively short history and diversified tastes. But it's thriving in recent years for the gathering of different flavors.