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Where do I find an erg?

So you're sold on erging. Now comes what can be the hardest part, how to access an erg. If you live near a rowing club it should be relatively easy to get access to one of their ergs. The club may want to charge a nominal access fee, but rowers and ergers are a pretty friendly group. If you don't live near a club or a boathouse, then there are two basic options. The first is joining a gym where there is an erg. Erging is not the most popular type of cardio and not all gyms have an erg. If you already have a gym you go to regularly you might ask the owner of the gym to purchase an erg. If that doesn't work, then you may have to buy one.

There are used ergs for sale in lots of places. Many online rowing Web sites such as row2k have a classifieds section. There are two problems with buying a used erg. One is that you have no idea what sort of abuse the erg has taken and what condition it will be in when you get it. The second is shipment. If you buy a used erg from someone across the country it is going to be pretty expensive to get the erg to your house.

The last way to get an erg is to buy one new. While this is the most appealing option for a number of reasons, (the erg is clean, new and warranteed) it can be cost prohibitive. The major maufacturer and retailer of ergs is Concept2 . While there are other brands of erg, Concept2 is the most widely recognized and respected. Unfortunately the base model for a new Concept2 erg is about $900 plus shipping.