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The Oartec Simulator


The erg market is largely dominated by Concept2, but there are competitors that offer slightly different products. Oartec is one such competitor.

Oartec, based in Australia, has two major ergs, the slide erg and the simulator erg. The idea of the slide erg is that a standard erg creates pressure points and distributes the load, or weight, of the flywheel unevenly throughout your body. The slide erg eliminates this by placing the slide, the part of the erg the seat is attached to, on springs. Essentially what happens is that there is no point in the stroke in which your body stops moving and force is able to impact your knees or back. The springs make it so that instead of coming to a stop, the seat bounces off the spring and comes back forward. This design is also supposed to feel more like rowing on the water because of the dynamic motion.

The second type of erg Oartec offers is the simulator erg. In rowing you either scull, each person has two oars, or you sweep, each person has one oar. The point of the simulator erg is to mimic the motion you make when sculling or sweeping, including body twist.

While both of these products are unique and interesting, they are even more cost prohibitive than the standard erg. The slide erg starts at $1,200 and the simulator starts at $4,100.