Men's World REecord Holder Rob Waddell

Erging Championships and Records

Erging is something of a subculture in the world of crew. While the erg is undeniably a useful and effective training tool, some people, including rowers, hate erging. In the later part of the 1970s a group of former Olympic rowers who trained in and around the Charles River in Boston started an erging race known as CRASH-B. CRASH-B stands for Charles River All Star Has-Beens. According to the Concept2 Web site, the first CRASH-B race was five miles. By 1996 the race had changed to a 2,000 meter race and CRASH-B is now widely recognized that world championship for erging.

Concept2 is now one of the sponsors for CRASH-B and hosts qualifying events throughout the country. The events are broken down by age, gender and weight class. Competitors who meet specific qualifying times are invited to race in CRASH-B. Concept2 finances the trip to Boston and pays all entrance fees for those who meet the qualifying times.

Next years CRASH-B event will be held on Feb. 14, 2008 at Boston University. You do not have to qualify to enter the event and there are numerous categories in which to race. Visit CRASH-B at their Web site for more information.

Perhaps the best way to summarize CRASH-B is to offer a quote from the rules section of the CRASH-B Web site.

"Row your hardest, best piece, no matter what. We will not entertain complaints that you would have rowed faster if you had your competition rowing next to you." "The meaning and application of these rules will be determined solely by the C.R.A.S.H.-B. Race Committee. All decisions and deliberations of the Race Committee will be secret, arbitrary, and final. NO WHINING..."

Erging records are set often have many different categories. There are records kept for pieces as short as 2,000 meters to as long as 1,000,000 meter team relays. The current 2k world record for men is 5:36.6 and the record for women is 6:28.4.

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