The Mother of All Workouts

If the wind won't serve, take to the erg.

Everyone who has tried it knows that crew is a fabulous sport. It combines mental and physical effort in a way that is unrivaled by any other athletic endeavour. While rowing on the water, specifically racing, is the name of the game for every rower, you cannot improve by getting on the water every day. It takes something else.

The erg, or ergometer, is the premier workout tool for rowers. It is the closest dry land approximation to rowing that exists and offers training feedback not available in the boat.

While rowers everywhere depend on the erg to get faster, the erg is not limited to rowers. The total-body workout the erg provides is useful for everyone. From triathletes to runners, workout fiends to couch-potatos, the erg is a fantastic tool for anyone looking to increase their cardiovascular and muscular endurance.

On this site there is extensive information on erging. You can find everything you need to get started. Why you should erg, how to erg, where to find an erg, erg records and racing and the history of the erg are all available on this site. I am a huge proponenet of the sport and exercise, feel free to utilize the mailto at the bottom of the page to contact me.

Happy Erging!