Analog Vs. Digital

So before you can really get started, you have to make a decision. Are you going to be a die-hard vynil fan working the true turntables, or are you going to make the choice many are making these days and go strictly electronic?

What's the difference?

analog turntables

Some people just love to spin their vynil. There's an intimacy to it that you miss out on with mp3s. An mp3 can be in and out of you life in a month, but a vynil is something that you get to know very well, and will continue to go back to over and over again. It's something you have you have to search for, digging through record bins for hours just to find the perfect beat.

Of course, if you're going to play these vynils live you're going to have to get them to the club first, and then take them home at night, and trust me, a crate full of vynils is quite heavy. And you're going to have to organize your records before you get to the club so that you don't pend more than a minute or so looking through your collection to find the next mix. of course, this can lend itself to the intimate experience of it all.

So it is more time consuming than straight electronic mixing, but some people just love it. Most djs start out this way, but maybe that has something to do with the fact that mp3jing is relatively new.

A quick search online will tell you that one vynil turntable can run you anywhere from $350-$650, and you need two turntables and a mixer to really get down. Then you'll probably want to buy some mp3 software like Serato to go along with your vynil collection. These days it's just good business to mix and match.

On the flip side

digital turntables

If you want to go digital with it, you won't need to spend hours searching through record stores and flea markets to find your music. You can simply upload tracks from cds you already own, or download music off the the internet. There are quite a few dj only blogs that supply your kind with the newest and hottest songs, because they know it's you who is going to make these songs popular with the dancing crowd.

With a good digital turntable you can do most anything someone can do with digital vynil. You can still scratch or speed up and slow down a song. Of course, the one thing you can't do is play vynil.

But maybe you never developed a love for the old medium, and you just think it's easier not to have to haul a couple crates with you everywhere you go. You're songs are always catalogued, if you've taken the time to sort through your mp3 collection, and while that is just as extensive, it can be saved on your computer.

Digital turntables are usually less clunkly than vynil ones, simply because you don't actually need to have the room to fit a vynil. some djs are complaining that newer club owners aren't taking their vynil-based needs into consideration when designing their dj space. A thing to consider, surely.

But some djs feel like working with vynil is an important rite of passage for all good spinners. It's just one more shared experience that shows you too are part of the club. But who knows, as times change, maybe less and less upstarts will have this fact in common.