parts of a fishing hook labeled
The hook is a key part of fly tying. It detirmines size of the fly and the fish you catch.

Most of the materials used to tie flies are cheap and abundant, especially if you cash in on insider tips from local experts and fly shops. Flytying tool kits are an easy one-stop shop when tying your first flies, says University of Florida professor Glenn Acomb, who has grown into an avid fly tier over the last 20 years. Nestled in a kitchen corner at his home in Gainesville, Fla. is his fly-tying table. Though his reserve of feathers, furs, thread and synthetic hair has swelled over the years, Acomb still uses the $80 vise he purchased years ago at a local garage sale.

Tying your own flies can seem like an expensive hobby to start. But the vise, which holds the hook steady and costs about $80 or more, is the priciest purchase you'll make. Used vises can offer cost-conscious alternatives such as e-Bay’s listing of a $20 table-clamp vise.

Vocabulary: Main materials needed to tie flies