Brothers Preston and Forrest Ashby originally met Jay through their older brother Turner. Jay and Turner were in the jazz band at Ridgeview High School in Orange Park, Fla, and they sometimes played music outside of class at the Ashby house.

AIDS benefit concert

Crashby was born when Preston and Forrest joined Jay for a battle of the bands competition at Ridgeview. They came in second behind Asian Caucasian Invasion.

There wasn't really a decisive moment when they decided to become a band. They started out jamming casually. No songs, just improvisations. It was all about feeling the music of the moment. When battle of the bands rolled around, Jay suggested that they should play.

G. Turner Ashby Memorial Concert

He had to come up with a name to sign up for the competition, and he came up with Better Than Ambrosia (in mythology, ambrosia was the food of the gods.) Though the arbitrary name would later be changed, the fact that these three people were now a collective group was the beginning of Crashby. After battle of the bands, Jay, Preston and Forrest decided to keep it going.

Crashby has continued to carry the spirit of those first jams. Though the group now has songs, they often draw their energy and inspiration from improvising.

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band members

Jay Coggin - bass, backing vocals
Forrest Ashby - drums, backing vocals
Preston Ashby - guitar, vocals

guest musicians

Adam Frank - piano
Louis Colón - saxophones
Seth Studer - harmonica
Todd Ebeltoft - guitar