So Why Should You Paint?

This is a rather complex and difficult question to answer. Every individual has his or her own reasons for wanting to paint. There are, however, several medical and psychological reasons that explain why you may want to try painting. Artist Carmen Joy, interviewed to the right, said the most obvious reason why you should paint is because it is fun. But it also has other benefits.

Painting is a way to relieve stress and relax. It is used often to help aid those who have suffered trauma through a practice called art therapy. defines the term as the practice of attempting to cure psychological and physical disorders through art. Painting is useful in this because it provides a distraction and puts the painter in a state called flow. This is when a painter experiences a total focus on what they are doing, and they are completely involved in their canvas. All of this information about art therapy and more can be found on the Web site. Painting through art therapy is also proven to help relieve symptoms of illnesses. In a study conducted by Northwestern Memorial Hospital, in Chicago, art therapy helped relieve cancer patients of certain symptoms.

But painting is not only useful for those who need art therapy. It can help increase confidence and creativity, especially in children. According to India Parenting Pvt., exposing children to art at a young age can help them properly develop. It can have similar results in adults as well.

On the right, you will find two artists detailing their reasons for painting. Consider their reasons for painting, and see what best relates to your reason for wanting to begin to paint. This will help you further understand why you should paint.