Finding Inspiration

So you're finally ready to get started. Only one problem: What in the world are you going to paint? There are a few tips that may help you figure this out.

In an article from, it is suggested that you start by taking a look around you. Anything particularly eye catching or beautiful can serve as great inspiration. Nature is a potential source of inspiration so try going outside and paying close attention to the colors you see. Or you can begin by choosing a specific color you like and building a picture based on that color and its complements. You can also search for works from famous artists and attempt to recreate their pieces. Lastly, you can try to plan your picture based on where you are hoping to display it. If you still don't feel inspired, just start painting and see what comes out. All of these are possible ways to get started. also suggests you look at song lyrics to find inspiration. Lyrics and poetry are often associated with images that may trigger a source of inspiration.

Another point, made by The Painter's Key is that painting always has to progress. Meaning, if you paint one subject, you should paint something more challenging next. If you try to always move forward you will be more likely to find inspiration.

A final tip, I have found from Incredible Art Lessons, is to try painting yourself. One of the most interesting experiments comes when one looks into the mirror and attempts to do a self-portrait. This can be both eye-opening and inspiring.

Still feel like you need more inspiration? Take a look at the column on the right and see if anything there interests you.