Now What?

Congratulations! By now, you have, hopefully, completed your first painting.

Now you may be asking yourself: Where do I go from here? Well, I have good news for you. You can only get better from now on. The key now is to keep painting, says artist Carmen Joy. Try out different styles and mediums and work on finding your niche in the painting universe.

If you started with acrylics, which you probably did, try watercolors. If those don't work for you, try some oils paints. You can experiment with different subjects and techniques. Try sketching out your images first, like Joy often does, or if you did that last time, try doing it free-hand this time.

One of the best ways to stay inspired, according to The Painter's Key is to constantly attempt to outdo your last painting. An artist should always be proud of his work, but never so satisfied that he does not want to try and outdo it. The only way to get better at painting is to keep on doing it, said Joy.

There are also a large variety of styles you can try. Some of these include splatter painting, still life painting and abstract painting. All of these styles are good to try if you are a beginner. I have detailed more about these in the right column, but there are many other styles out there. You may find you like these styles, but then again, you may gravitate to totally different ones. Finding out how you like to paint is all about trial-and-error.

Just keep doing new things and see what you like.