New Styles

Reverse Graffiti

"Reverse graffiti" refers to cleaning dirt off of the sides of buildings or inside tunnels to make a design. Sort of like writing "Wash Me" on a dirty car, but on a much larger scale. This selective cleaning has been used by artists like Alexandre Orion as well as companies such as Xbox.

Video of Orion's interesting take on the medium, taken from YouTube user telatv:

Laser Tagging

The Graffiti Research Lab is an art group coming up with some very technologically saavy means of "urban communication." They outfit artists with things like LED throwies, or a magnet taped to a battery-powered set of small, colorful lights, made perfect to stick to magnetic surfaces.

One of the most interesting technologies the lab has designed is the LASER Tag, or writing on the side of huge buildings with a high-tech laser and hight-power projector. This technique has also caught the eye of advertisers for its ability to effortlessly projecting an image on the side of a skyscraper, but the Graffiti Research Lab remains anti-commercial.

Video of Laser Tagging in Rotterdam, provided by YouTube user resistor:

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