There are several different styles of graffiti that are popular today. These include:



A tag is an artist's signature. These are the most popular and the simplest form of graffiti. The artist tags his or her name in spray paint or marker.



Stencils are one way artists create a potentially complicated piece of art quickly. By making a stencil of the artwork and filling it in with spray paint, the artist can make a nearly perfect image in a short time.



Stickers are another quick way to post graffiti. Artists draw or stencil on an adhesive paper and place them in public places.

Throw up

Throw ups

Throw ups are typically a two-color work designed to be executed quickly. Throw ups are more complex than a tag, but less elaborate than a piece.



Pieces are the most elaborate graffiti works, with a more artistic composition. Considered to be an artist's best work, these are usually colorful and more labor intensive than other forms.

New School

Recently there have been two innovative styles that are catching the eye of both graffiti artists and advertisers looking for new marketing strategies. The most interesting part is that both new forms are actually legal.