About this Site

This Web site was designed by Noel Sanchez as a project for MMC 3260, Communication over the Internet, at the University of Florida.

Though I am not a graffiti artist, I have always been interested in the colorful etchings on the sidewalks and walls of my city. At the same time, having parents who own an often vandalized factory, I have seen how expensive and time consuming this issue can be for those on the other side.

Regardless, I have been inspired by the graffiti art of artists like Banksy, whose work cannot be derided as simply vandalism with no artistic merit, and I've come to realize that graffiti is both art and vandalism. The art aspect cannot survive without the illegality of the activity, and the vandalism would not be as worthwhile if the vandal was not truly accomplishing something provocative and beautiful.

Contact me at noelness at ufl dot edu