Purported Secret Projects

There is always speculation about the "black projects" which are being worked on at Area 51. Black Projects are the super-secret aircraft and weapons which only a very small number of people know about, and thus informationm is scarce. Many people nonetheless attempt to learn as much as they can about these secret planes, which may never reach active use, and if they do it could still be totally classified. Here are just a few of these projects that may or may not exist:

Project Aurora

If there can be such a thing as a "famous" black project, Aurora would be it. After the SR71 spyplane was retired, people began to wonder if a successor was on the horizon. After all, it didn't really make sense to retire a plane that could fly at 3.2 times the speed of sound and take pictures of your enemy from 80,000 feet up with no replacement. Many thought that a secret plane, codenamed Aurora was in development, due to a line item on a government balance sheet which put a large some of money cryptically to something called Aurora. Of course that did not necessarily mean that it was a plane, and by the time the SR-71 was retired the U.S. already had an extensive network of satellites which could do the job better than any spyplane. Many now think the codename Aurora was actually used for the B2 stealth bomber, and there never was a spyplane known as the Aurora.

Project Bright Star

This aircraft is a very similar project to Aurora. Many believe that it is in fact the successor to the SR-71 as America's supersonic spyplane. Its existance is entirely unconfirmed, but each sighting is accompanied by sonic booms and a signature "donuts on a rope" contrail, which appears exactly as it sounds. This contrail is supposedly caused by an aircraft moving so fast that it captures water vapor in the shock wave, creating circles around its contrail. It is believed that this aircraft is often seen and misidentified as an "Aurora." This is another craft that will remain a mystery indefinately, unless the Air Force one day decides to publicize anything about its existance.