Welcome to Area 51

In the mid-1950s, the Cold War was steadily warming. The United States had an increasing need to develop top-secret projects for use in warfare and the prevention of warfare, and to do so required, coincidentally, a top-secret facility. Thus, in 1955, a new base was born on the dry lakebed known as Groom Lake: Area 51.

It is this base, which lies isolated in the desert surrounded by mountains to help keep its secrets, which has captured the imaginations of so many. Ever since the bases inception the conspiracy theorists, the UFO believers and the generally curious have flocked to this former nuclear weapons testing site to perhaps catch a glimpse of the latest flying machines that have been designed and built by the finest minds on Earth, and maybe beyond.

This site intends to teach you something about Area 51, while not becoming overwhelming. If you enjoy what you see, there are a great number of resources available from which you can learn more than you ever thought possible about this secret base. When you're ready, choose one of the links above and be prepared to experience Area 51.