About this site.

This site was created as part of a project for MMC3260, Communication on the Internet. This course, offered at the great University of Florida, attempts to teach us wacky communications majors how to make ourselves useful when we encounter new media. My topic was chosen randomly, as it was time to choose a topic and I was watching a History Channel special on Area 51. I hope you've enjoyed your experience, and hopefully we all learned something. I know now I can use CSS! Obviously it needs some practice, but gosh-darnit I know how to start now.

I tried to maximize accessibility to screen readers and text-only browsers as much as I could, so hopefully those of you who are not using graphic browsers will also be able to enjoy the glory that is my Area 51 site. Any comments or questions on how this site could be made more accessible or could be improved are welcome. Just use my contact info, which can be found here.

Now, I'd like to acknowledge my sources, without which this site would have absolutely no content or substance.