Warm up!

Warming up is extremely important to prevent injury and to better your climbing skills. Light bouldering and jumping jacks are great ways to get your blood flowing. Once you feel warm, stretch.

Pay attention to detail.

This applies to stretching as well as climbing. Don't just stretch your biceps and consider that "stretching your arms." Stretch your fingers, your forearms, triceps, biceps and shoulders. Do the same for every body part. When climbing, pay attention to the details of the holds to find the best way to utilize them.

Use your legs.

Many people don't climb as well as they could because they focus on their arms. Your legs are stronger, they can be the key in sending a route.

The wall is your friend.

Staying close to the wall will help you control your center of balance.

Press Rewind.

Check out the route before you climb it. When you do this, start from the final hold to see how you plan to finish and work backwards to see how you can get there. Pay attention to the different types of holds and hypothesize about moves that might work.

Slow down.

Take your time when climbing and try to make movement as fluid as possible.


Take breaks between tries to gather your thoughts and rest your muscles.