The Swamp

The Swamp is almost as popular as the football stadium it was named after. It is a well-known bar located just off the University of Florida campus. In the daytime it serves as a restaurant, but at night it is primarily a bar. It is the #1 college establishment in the country.

The Swamp provides a pleasant atmosphere. It is two stories tall, with a bar on each floor. Gator memorabilia graces the walls, and it is frequented by mainly UF students and alumni. Following a Gator home game, the place is typically packed with fans celebrating a victory or mourning a loss.

The Swamp is a great place to meet people and mingle or just hang out with your friends. Daily and nightly drink specials are always available.

If you would like to give The Swamp a try, it is located at 1642 W. University Avenue.

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