Behind the Scenes

What does it take to delight, inform and inspire teen girls all across the country? To produce millions of magazines each year that will end up on the beds or in the backpacks of millions of teens? Thanks to the World Wide Web, we can access editor interviews, magazine web sites and behind the scenes videos to take a deeper look...


  • Check out this video about the fashion side of Seventeen:

  • Check out pictures of the Justine office: Interview

Who's Who

At the end of the day, as much as teen magazines may seem like larger-than-life forces, there are people behind them:

  • Ann Shoket - Editor-in-Chief of Seventeen magazine, previously executive editor at CosmoGIRL!
  • Atoosa Rubenstein - Founded CosmoGIRL! magazine in 1999, former editor-in-chief at Seventeen - Below is a clip of a Charlie Rose episode, which includes an interview with Rubenstein where she talks about her life and teen magazines (starting at -18:26):
  • Brandon Holley - Former editor of Jane
  • Jana Petty - Publisher of Justine - Check out this Interview
  • Jane Pratt - Founder of Sassy and Jane
  • Susan Schulz - Editor of CosmoGIRL!
  • Walter Annenberg - Founder of Seventeen

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