Advertising Campaigns

Fly Me Ad

Beyond the changing duties of stewardesses, airline companies used the sexual appeal of their sky girls to create captivating and often racy ad campaigns.

One of the most emblematic was a print campaign created by National Airlines. The "Fly Me" campaign featuring slogans that were highly suggestive. It was, however, a very popular campaign.

Other marketing slogans include:

  • Continental:"We Really Move Our Tails for You"
  • National:"We'll Fly You Like You've Never Been Flown Before"
  • Air France:"Have You Ever Done It the French Way?"
  • Air Jamaica:"We Make You Feel Good All Over"

Another infamous campaign was "Air strip," a ploy marketed by Braniff International Airways. The ads centered around beautiful flight attendants changing outfits in the middle of flights.

Braniff Airways Air Strip Television Commercial (1976)