The 2007 Cincinnati Reds

August: Reds are rollin'

August was a big month for the Redlegs. By month's end, they will have played two consecutive months of over .500 baseball. This isn't being ignored. The fans are starting to file through the turnstyles again. If you build it they will come.

Not only are the Reds starting to win a little, but Brewers, Cardinals and Cubs are faltering. There is a terrifying hope that despite the dreadful start, the division is winnable. After all, the N.L. Central is the worst in the league. Crazier things have happened. Maybe not crazier, but probably close. Ask a Yankees fan how many times Boston has collapsed coming down the stretch.

Even the Reds bullpen has woken up for a quasi-playoff push. Namely, Jared Burton. Jared Burton was aquirred in the offseason from Oakland for peanuts. Some arm trouble bothered him earlier in the year, but in August, a healthy Jared Burton becomes almost untouchable, and takes over the eigth inning.

Harang is still throwing darts rather than baseballs, and Adam Dunn is killing it. Ken Griffey has been reborn in mid-90s, and even Bronson Arroyo has gotten his act together.

Things are going well.

August: 17-11, best month of the season

Season: 62-73

4th place, 7 games back