What are Firefox Power Tools?

Firefox power tools are add-ons and customizations that users can add to their Firefox browser to make surfing faster and easier. They can simplify searching, improve organization, change the look of your browser window, make surfing easier and make news in the form of RSS feeds more easily accessible.

The average college student spends a significant percentage of their time online. Whether it's researching a paper, keeping up with current events, talking to friends or just surfing the web, the tools available through Firefox can make your web experience more enjoyable.

What types of tools are available?


This section is dedicated to keeping students informed on current events, whether it be RSS feeds or weather. Firefox can manage any and all news so that students can keep their information organized and have it easily reachable, with reminders when sites are updated.


With the numerous ways to obtain information available on the Internet, time is often wasted by scanning through multiple web pages and utilizing a number of different search engines. These add-ons make searching smarter, easier and faster.

Web Design

Whether it be uploading files to your server, editing your blog or tracking your Internet activities, Firefox has all the tools college students need to maintain any web-related work.


Firefox simplifies the often busy and frustrating life of a college student by providing notifications for important events they store in their calendar.


With these tools, students can make the most of their relaxation time by having their favorite leisure activities easily accessible, whether it be web surfing or interacting with friends.


Each of these elements will help the user to make their Firefox window more efficient or personalized.