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Renovations to the Carillon Hotel

construction of the parking garage for Canyon Ranch Living Miami Beach

The Carillon was once the center of post-war resort culture in Miami Beach. When it reopens in 2008 as part of Canyon Ranch, it will be resituated as a center for healthy living.

Arquitectonica of Miami is designing the two new accompanying condo towers on either side of the Carillon Hotel. Architects took cues from the original Modernist building and incorperated glass and white frames, reported Southeast Construction magazine in August 2007 (accessed 11.26.07 on LexisNexis). Arquitectonica also designed the Juan JS Roca Center that houses Miami City Ballet and borrows from MiMo.

The Carillon was designed by Norman Giller and opened in 1957. Its original 600 rooms will be converted into a combination hotel and condo with 150 units. The structure fell into ruin before Canyon Ranch got involved in 2003. Pictures capture the Carillon's former decrepitude of broken glass and peeling paint. The beachfront hotel was vacant for about eight years, says Eric Goldman, principal communications director for the North Beach Development Corporation.

"The amazing thing is that they kept the Carillon pretty much the way it was," says Goldman. "It's a really cool integration. It's a fusion of different styles."

Nevertheless, preservationists have criticized the overhauled, reworked building, reported the Financial Times in London (12.2.05, accessed 10.13.07 on LexisNexis).

Canyon Ranch is an upscale resort chain based in Tuscon, Arizona, that markets healthy living and luxurious spa amenities. They also have a resort in Kissimmee, Fla., and at the Venetian in Las Vegas.

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