Old State House


Pick the schools you want to visit.
First make a list of school you are interested in attending. If you can't visit all of them, try and narrow your list down to only your top choices. If you find it hard to narrow your list down, choose schools that are very different from each other, ex. rural, urban, small, large. This will at least help you compare and contrast schools so you can pick which fit is best for you.

Research the schools.
Before you visit a school, do a little research. Visit the college's Web site and look through brochures to find out basic information about the school. Doing this will give you more time on the tour to find out information that is not found in printed material.

Bring a journal.
Write down any details that you don't want to forget such as academic, financial, housing, athletic and social information for each school you visit.

Take the admissions tour.
The tour guide will lead you around to the main parts of campus as well as answer any questions you may have. The guide will also talk about the college's history and other interesting facts.

Take your own tour.
After the admissions tour is over, walk around the campus and look at things that intrigued you. Make sure to view areas that were not part of the admissions tour such as parking facilities, dorm rooms and classrooms. Also, check out areas that will specifically apply to your major.

Meet with different members of the campus community.
Meet with professors to see what they expect out of a student. Try to make an apppointment with an admissions officer to discuss the college's requirements, financial aid programs and deadlines. Speak with students to see what they think about their school and ask if they are happy with the college choice that they made. Students are good to talk with because they will not give you biased answers.

Ask questions.
Ask questions regarding academic, financial, housing, food, social, community, athletic and safety aspects. You may want to creat a list beforehand to make sure you don't forget anything.