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Making the Most of a Campus Visit

Making the most of your campus visit begins with choosing a good date for the trip. This can prove to be difficult because the best times to visit colleges are also the most popular times for tourists to visit Boston. Boston's hotels are packed from April through November, when most college visits are scheduled. So keep in mind that the earlier you book, the better. Begin checking hotel availabilty as soon as you know the dates of your trip. A month ahead is not too early to book a room and two weeks ahead is cutting it close.

Boston is a great place to visit any time of year. However, if you can be flexible with your trip then you can save money and avoid the crowds by choosing a date that is not during high season. Here's a little advice:

Since its best to visit while classes are in session, call the schools you want to visit to check on their spring break dates. Through early April, most colleges are busy reviewing admission applications so planning a tour might be difficult. However, the rest of April is a great time to visit.

Boston is at its best and most beautiful during this time of year, but schools are not in full session. Also, this is high season for tourists so be sure to book a hotel well in advance.

The fall is considered the best and most traditional time to visit campuses. During this time, college campuses are in full swing and there is always lots of events occurring. Many schools host open houses or visit events specifically designed for incoming students. These usually offer the advantage of seeing the campus at its best including the chance to meet with faculty in your area(s) of interest and a bunch of current students. However, these events are often huge and the campus puts on a show so you might not get the true feel of the campus.

Hotel occupancy drops significantly during this time with the exception of Thanksgiving weekend. Before December 15th is a great time to meet with admissions and to catch schools in full swing. However, try to stay away during final exam dates.