In today's society, with rising obesity rates and increased risk for a variety of diseases, many fused dieting into their everyday lives. However, is dieting in its normal practice, which includes the removal of a particular food group or groups, a good idea? Is fast weight-loss aligned with good weoght-loss? And, will such practice lead to improved health long-term?

This project, through research and interviews, highlights some of the more popular diets, people who have used diets, and expert analysis in an attempt to weigh the pro and cons of dieting. Also, the experts interview and researched through this project will discuss how to implement a successful weight-loss plan.

About The Author

Donté J. "D.J." Ford is a graduate student in the College of Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida. He is a former reporter for The St. Augustine Record and published a series of articles on healthy living for senior citizens in 2005. Health communication is one of his many areas of interest.

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