Learn 2 Swim

Safety Tip

Swim with a buddy in a supervised area--Always encourage your children to swim in the presence of an adult and never by themselves.

Girl Floating in Tube

Floating devices are not an alternative to swim lessons. The longer your child uses floatation devices the harder it will be to get your child to swim.

Parent Information - Things You Would Like to Know

According to an article written by Lesly Hallman, staff writer for RedCross.org, parents are important in their child's aquatic advancement. The American Red Cross suggest parents take the following steps when looking for a swimming program for their children:

  • Make safety number one.
  • Have reasonable expectations.
  • Practice makes perfect.
  • Have fun!
  • Not knowing what to expect from your child's swim lessons is natural. However, the parent and child aquatic program is the answer to many of your questions. Getting into the water with your child for their first lesson will not only ease their anxiety it will also allow you to become better acquainted with your child's feelings about swimming. There are infants and toddlers that adapt very well to the new environment. Others will be very confused and do a good amount of crying initially.