Gibsonton, Florida

Sideshows of Today

Image of a suspension While the sideshows of the past may be slowly dying, a new form of extreme "freak shows" has in fact taken their place. Some of these shows involve extreme performances including body suspensions, extreme eating/swallowing acts and suspending heavy items from one's body piercings. The trend towards more extreme sideshows is in part a reaction to what Gobsonton residents claim has killed the tradtional industry. People are no longer intrigued by the traditional sideshow and are looking for a more shocking exdperience. These acts also seize upon the current fascination in popular culture with tatooing and body modification.

Image of man suspending bowling ball from his ears It will be interesting to see how sideshows continue to evolve. As they now continually seek to push the envelope and become even more extreme it is hard to imagine what the future holds. The sideshows of the past seem to almost represent a national innocence now lost.

Modern Acts