Gibsonton, Florida

Gibsonton on National Public Radio

NPR producer Joe Richman profiles the history and residents of Gibsonton in this audio piece which originally aired on NPR. The piece, which runs 29 minutes, is also archived in the NPR radio diaries.

NPR: Gibtown

Gibsonton on film

In 2001, documentary filmmakers Melissa Shachat and Roger Schulte created a full-length documentary on the history and residents of Gibsonton entitled "Gibtown." The documentary also chronicled the history and decline of the modern carnival sideshow. Two excerpts from the movie are presented here.

Gibsonton in pictures

Here is a slideshow of pictures I took when I visited Gibsonton in October of 2007. You really have to explore all the side streets one a time because you'll never know what you'll find. Driving through this small town on Highway 41 takes about two minutes. You would never think that it had such a colorful history.