What is a fire sign?

Aries, Sagittarius and Leo are the fire signs of the zodiac. Fire signs are exactly what they sound like--fiery and ferocious. These signs exhibit some of the same characteristics because they each have some sort of dominant and larger-than-life attitude.

What are fire signs like?

Fire signs are known for being assertive and courageous. They are also very independent but also have a streak of being hard headed. They each have an enormous passion for life and enjoy what life has to offer. They are always up for a challenge and can't resist life's temptations.

Those who fall into the category of fire signs also have big hearts. They love being in love and dedicate themselves to the people that they do love. They work hard at the meaningful relationships in their lives and are often idealistic. They can be extremely religious as well.

The dark side of fire signs

The dark side of being a fire sign is that the fire can sometimes get out of control. Fire signs, although good leaders, can sometimes become bossy. Their ego can get in the way and make people around them feel offended.