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This Web site is very thorough. Everything that you could possibly want to know about yoga you can find here. It has information not just about different exercises, but information about yoga as a way of life. It includes a section on yoga diet, props, news and much more.

Yoga Journal

If you are looking for teachers, studios or workshops, this is the site you should visit. It has a directory of all relevant information about teachers near you. It is good for people at all levels. Are you looking to focus on a specific area of your body? You can find a pose that will work that particular area. Just pick an anatomical focus, therapeutic applications, or a caution, and you will find the posture that will fit your needs.

Yoga Basics

This site is good for beginners. It is very user friendly. You can sign-up and become a member of their newsletters to find out more. They also have a list of the top bestsellers on yoga that include not just books but CDs too.