New England Patriots

The New England Patriots, first known as the Boston Patriots, entered the league in 1960, and have made several uniform modifications since then. The nickname "Patriots" was selected by a panel of Boston sportswriters in a contest to name the team.

In that first year, the Boston Patriots donned a white helmet with a three cornered hat logo that featured the player's numbers below that hat. That helmet logo was scratched by the next season and the football hiking patriot was introduced.


60's - 90's Uniform

From 1961-1996 the Patriots wore a white helmet with the hiking patriot logo. The home jerseys were red and had white and blue stripes on the sleeves. In 1996 the uniform scheme was changed and everything was new.

The new uniforms included a bright blue jersey with white letters and red trim. The helmet became silver and had a smooth patriot logo on the side of the helmet it is present today.


1996 Uniform

The new uniforms were then redesigned after only seven years. The new uniform featured the same helmet logo, but the jersey was all new.


Current Uniform

A darker blue color was introduced, and red and white piping became the prominent trim. The Patriots also introduced a alternate silver jersey.

The New England Patriots have retired the following jerseys: #20 Gino Cappelletti, #40 Mike Haynes, #56 Andre Tippett; #57 Steve Nelson, #73 John Hannah, #78 Bruce Armstrong; #79 Jim Lee Hunt, and #89 Bob Dee.