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Salsa music seductively swings hips and expertly moves feet. The dancing is derived from the music and the tempo determines the pace. The flair or simplicity of salsa dancing depends solely on the dancer. The style of salsa also depends on a dancer's place of origin.

To dance salsa one must feel the music and the salsa beat. Although there are four beats in the music, only three steps are taken (6). Each step has it own beat and the remaining beat is added to the third step to lengthen the beat, thus making the count quick-quick-slow. However, some people add an extra step or movement such as a kick or a switch of the hips.

Since salsa is a partner dance there always must be a follower and a leader on the dance floor, thus enabling total strangers to dance together. Traditionally, men take the role of the leader. In salsa, however, either partner can lead. Partners signal a change of the lead by a change of pressure in contact with their partners or the position of the leader to the follower (6).

Salsa Dancing


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