Those Neat Norwegians


Christmas Trees

Norway is responsible for sending Christmas trees around the world. What started as a gift to the British in 1947 from Oslo in thanks for their help has become a worldwide tradition. Not only has the tree at Trafalgar Square become a fixed ritual, but Norwegian trees now travel the globe.


This picturesque town, located half an hour south of Oslo, has its own Julenissen Post Office in Drobak Square. Julenisse even has his own stationary and postmark that he uses to answer the letters he receives. Throughout the Christmas season, the Drobak Square Christmas tree shines with its numerous lights, an example of what Drobak helps send around the world Christmas cheer.

Yule Log

The Norse Yule Log was an old tradition in Norway until the introduction of the Christmas tree by Germans in the 19 th century. The log was massive and stretched into the living room from the fireplace. As it burned, the family would continue pushing it into fireplace, where it glowed and filled the house with warmth.


Norwegians have a goat-like creature called Julebukk, or Christmas buck. This tradition goes back to when pagans worshipped the god, Thor, and his goat. Julebukk, like Julenisse, brings gifts to the children.




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