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Capoeira Rhythms*


Sao Bento


Samba de Roda

Roda de

Capoeira 1

Roda de

Capoeira 2

Roda Final



After I finished to read O'Connor's review on the production of a memorable capoeira cd -- 'Capoeira Angola from Salvador, Brazil' (Smithsonian Folkways Recordings) -- I could not help but try to make up for those who haven't had the opportunity to see and listen to capoeira.

Here I'm only presenting some songs used during the game of capoeira.

The scenario for the recording is ominous. A fort from the sixteenth century where, for many generations, of blacks of all shades, capoeiristas or not, were imprisoned.

Currently, this place is a capoeira training center and cultural playground for the neighborhood community, just a few blocks from where I was raised.

As a multi-sensual experience, capoeira is married with the music that propels itself, set motion to the whole experience. Even those who are just around a ring of capoeiristas watching the game can't help to sing along.

The songs presented in this page are not from the recording abovementioned for copyright reasons. But I found recordings brought together by the Ministery of Culture of Brazil that are allowed to be played.

The names on the side of the plug-in buttons represent how these rhythms are known inside the capoeira world, not particular names for each of these songs. They belong to the same capoeira style cited above, Capoeira Angola.

Slower, trickier, and smarter. It touches deeply the soul... Enjoy!


*Source: Documento Sonoro do Folclore Brasileiro, Volume 5 - Acervo Funarte da Musica Brasileira. Ministerio da Cultura. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1988.