The future of combat, from the master of espionage: Tom Clancy

The year is 2008, and a radical supremacist has surfaced in the modern Russia and is rebuilding the infamous Red Army. You are an elite land warrior with specialized training, that is the commander of a platoon dropped in the heart of Georgia (capital: Tblisi, not Atlanta). Your platoon must depend on each other to seek out and kill a group of extremist insurgents. You must use your units specialized skills to their fullest, as they will improve as you move through your campaigns. As real as they come, Ghost Recon is truly at the head of the class of war games of the future.

Up to 20 different maps populated with caves mountains and full cities are featured in Ghost Recon. Dynamic special effects added are more realistic from smoke from burning vehicles and houses to rain, fog, mud on your uniform after laying down if its raining. Certain weapons and skills are specific to each character class (assault, demolitions, sniper, etc). Choosing your teammates carefully is a necessity.
Teams in multiplayer mode (a total of 24 players can participate) can consist of human and AI-controlled soldiers. Damage is location specific and effects the character's performance, leg shots cause you to limp, arm shots cause decreased accuracy, headshots will result in a dead soldier. Each player model will have specific specialties broken into 4 groups, stealth (decreases the chance that the enemies will detect that character), weapon (determines how quickly the aiming reticule closes and how tight it gets), endurance (keeps you character more active even after taking wounds), leadership (provides a performance boost across the board for all members of the fire team). As you move through enemy territory and rip through the adversaries, you will be awarded points for your skills.
While it only debuted recently, Ghost Recon will surely be used as a model for future special operations combat. Its rich gameplay, detailed mission planning, and character specific attributes not only make it an enjoyable experience for an average gamer, but a powerful tool in the war of the future.

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