Full-scale naval combat at your fingertips

We're all accustomed to receiving blow-by-blow accounts of war from around the world via our television screens. Channels like CNN, Sky News and the BBC beam reports from all over the globe in an as-it-happens way that we now almost take for granted. But what happens when the military decides to withhold access to all those satellite pictures of enemy targets being terminated with extreme prejudice? You get hold of a game that can recreate it. Jane's Fleet Command is such a game it's a naval strategy simulation that allows you to launch cruise missile and carrier-based air attacks on enemy territory while protecting your carrier task force for possible air and sea attack. Recently, NBC News asked the Jane's to set up the scenario "as it might look."

Fleet Command puts you in charge of task forces created from 16 of the world's navies including the American, Russian, British, Chinese and Indian. Utilizing the previously mentioned Jane's Group Weapons Index, Fleet Command boasts over 150 different units including all types of warship frigates, aircraft carriers, destroyers, submarines, you will even be able to set up a task force using the massive WWII vintage battleships if you choose to be the Americans. Other weapons include aircraft and cruise missiles. The game structure will contain single missions as well as overall campaigns, taking you through opponents of varying difficulty and demanding mixed assaults. A detailed campaign editor is also included to allow you to set up your own scenarios, much like NBC.

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