The daddy of 'em all: Jane's F/A-18

Jane's Combat Simulations is a name synonymous with some of the best sims of recent times. Rightfully so because the Jane's Information Group is the foremost leader in war. Their most impressive manual, the Jane's Group Weapons Index (runs at about $16,000), is a catalogue of the specifications of every weapon in modern combat, ranging from 9mm handguns to cruise missiles (and everything between and beyond).

Jane's F/A-18's attention to detail is apparent from the moment the game begins. You are given the option of flying as part of one of five actual F-18 squadrons (with authentic insignia), or you can set up your own squadron and build a history from scratch. F/A-18 comes with a multitude of training, stand-alone, and campaign missions, as well as a powerful mission builder.
Jane's F/A-18 offers a flight experience that gives the impression you're actually flying the aircraft in question, a necessity for those training to fly the real thing. Heavily loaded aircraft struggle to make it off the carrier on afterburner. The outer edges of the flight envelope seem reasonable, and inertial effects appear realistic. Jettisoning stores lets a laden-down plane dance, demonstrating just how burdened an aircraft can be when loaded with bombs, and in a detail most other games overlook, in-flight refueling can be a harrowing experience.

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