As "real" as it gets

Real War takes its inspiration from the modern military, accurately reflecting real-life warfare. Joint Forces Deployment, a game used as a training tool by the military, is based heavily upon Real War. They both feature accurate modeling of real-life combat units and tried-and-true tactics that the military instills in its servicemen. The game engine behind Real War was retooled for Joint Forces Deployment, and the game has undergone several cosmetic changes, but the underlying strategy and mechanics that distinguish these two from other games in the genre have remained largely unchanged.

The Real War campaign scenarios are based on current themes of military interest, including nuclear proliferation, espionage, and diplomacy, and take place across arctic, jungle, and desert environments. Former Joint Chief of Staff General Shelton has contributed the true-to-life tenets of military strategy that guides players to victory. These rules of combat are reflected as realistically as possible in the game, from the focus on air superiority to the inclusion of propaganda planes, which drop leaflets that spread dissent and lessen the oppositions morale.
You can take the role of either a commander of the United States forces or the opposition, a conglomerate of hostile entities known as the Independent Liberation Army (ILA). The dual campaigns are interwoven intricately such that the actions of one army are reflected in the missions of its counterpart, stage for stage. Intrigue plays a big part in a story that so far has disturbingly reflected controversial events in recent military history. In the early segments of the single-player campaign, the ILA has test-nuked a civilian-inhabited area and has framed the US forces, drawing them undue amounts of blame and hostility throughout the world. The US must then send in Special Forces to secret nuclear bunkers to steal information that may clear the United States' name. Further missions only serve to escalate the situation.
Graphically, Real War features impressive computer-generated (CG) movies that nicely complement the game's own 3D unit models and detailed backgrounds. The CG movies are based on the same short films that were used in Joint Forces Deployment and, in some cases, are unmistakable for news film. In-game, Real War features intuitive control menus that can be cleared and brought up on command and that allow for easy build, buy, and deploy commands. Planes land and take on airstrips, and destroyed tanks fly through the air, causing collateral damage as they flip over, crushing anything in their path. Fans of Stanley Kubrick's 'Full Metal Jacket' will no doubt be impressed by the voice talents (he goes over mission briefing) of R. Lee Ermey, best known for his role as Gunnery Sergeant Hartman.

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