HazMat Training

HazMat Training Exercise

The GFR Hazmat Team continues to improve the quality of training it receives
and in turn it's ability to provide training to other agencies.

The department sends several Team members to conferences and seminars,

Transcaer Seminar at the Florida State Fire College
International Assoc. of Fire Chiefs Hazmat Teams Conference in Maryland
Pipeline Group Seminar on the Florida Natural Gas Transmission Line
held in Gainesville and Lake City.
The Annual Terrorism Response Conference - Hosted by the VA Hospital
St. Petersburg

GFR has also hosts several courses, including:

National Fire Academy Hazardous Materials Incident Management
Course sponsored by the District 3 LEPC
International Assoc. of Fire Fighters Hazardous Materials Incident
Management Course
Advanced Detectors course - Funded by the DOJ Byrne Grant
National Fire Academy "Emergency Response to Terrorism: Basic
Concepts" - Funded by the DOJ Byrne Grant
Florida Operations Level Hazardous Materials Course Train-the-Trainer -
Funded by the LEPC

The Hazmat Team also continues to other area responders by working through
the LEPC to deliver Awareness and Operations Level courses. This training
includes the first Awareness level training given to the EMT and
Paramedics students at Santa Fe Community College.