HazMat Drills

A HazMat Drill on 10/24/01

The GFR Hazmat Team continues the tradition that began in 1999 of doing an
annual drill with the Clay County Hazmat Team. Last year, the drill was
held in Keystone Heights and attended by the GFR Hazmat Team, Clay
County Hazmat Team, and the Keystone Heights Volunteer Fire
Department. In 2001 the drill comes to Gainesville. Plans are also
underway to do more joint training with other area teams from Marion
County, Ocala, Citrus County, and Tallahassee.

In conjunction with the Santa Fe Community College Institute for Public Safety
GFR participated with other local agencies in preparing a drill that involved
the multi-agency response to an act of school violence. The exercise was
presented at the Florida Emergency Preparedness Association (FEPA)

Special Operations Chief Jeff Tucker participated as an evaluator in a multi-
agency terrorism response drill held at the Tampa Port Authority. The drill
involved responders from the Coast Guard, Hillsbourgh County Fire
Rescue, Tampa Fire Rescue, Tampa Police Dept., Hillsbourgh County
Sheriffs Office, the FBI and State Fire Marshals Office Bomb Squad.