This year, Gainesville Fire Rescue replaced almost its entire fleet of response vehicles. GFR recieved 4 new fire engines, 2 new tower units, and a new quint. Technical profiles and photos of the new equipment are below.

Tower One:

Tower One extends its 100 foot platform

Built by American LaFrance LTI.
This unit replaced a tower which was in service since 1987.
The major features:
100 foot platform
1750 gpm water pump
300 gallon water tank
2 pre-piped nozzles in the basket 2000 gpm each (one
electric, one manual)
8 kw hydraulic generator that runs on apparatus PTO
(power take off)
4 1500 watt lights and 4 500 watt lights
built-in breathing air system
headset communications from platform to basket
full set of ground ladders
full hose bed for initial fire attack including 5" and 3"
6 seats in the cab; 5 are equipped with air packs
tilt cab for easy maintenance and repair
Order placed: September 1999
Delivered: January 2001

Quint Five:

Quint Five

Built by E One Inc. Ocala, FL
This unit replaces a quint, which was in service since 1987
The major features:
HP75 Sidestacker w/ Cyclone cab
75 foot ladder
1750 gpm water pump
500 gallon water tank
1 pre piped nozzle w/ no bucket
8 kw hydraulic generator
2 1500 watt 240 volt tripod lights
full set of ladders
traffic light pre-empters
will be fitted with mobile data computer
seats 6
Order placed: August 2001
Delivered: April 2001

Engines 1,2,3,4:
Engine One at E One plant in Ocala, FL Built by E One Inc. Ocala, FL
The units replace Engines 1,2,3,4>
Cyclone 2 cabs with rescue bodies
1750 gpm water pumps
750 gallon water tanks
1500 feet of 5 inch hose
800 feet of 3 inch hose
3 pre connected 1 lines
deck gun with 1250 gpm flow
mobile data computers
traffic light pre empters
the addition of the new engines make the oldest first out engine
2 years old
seats 4
Ordered: August 2000
Delivered: April - May 2001